Breitling Wrist Watches for Sale

Breitling is a Swiss luxury watch brand that was founded in 1884. Known for their precision, functionality, and ruggedness, Breitling watches are a favorite of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The company is also known for its impressive history of innovation, having developed several notable timekeeping technologies over the years.

One of the most well-known Breitling watches is the Navitimer, which was first introduced in 1952. The Navitimer features a slide rule bezel that allows pilots to perform complex calculations related to air navigation. The watch has become an iconic symbol of aviation and is still in production today. Another notable Breitling watch is the Emergency, which was first introduced in 1995. The Emergency is a high-tech timepiece that includes a personal locator beacon, allowing wearers to send out a distress signal in emergency situations. With its commitment to precision, functionality, and style, Breitling has established itself as a leading luxury watch brand.Discover Breitling’s brand collection of watches!