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Mio Watches & Jewelry is one of the most trusted and leading online shops of premium watches. With a dedicated customer support and a comprehensive range of some of the finest products, we provide an unforgettable experience to our customers. We have left no stones unturned in order to make sure we give our customers, exactly what they are looking for. Providing limitless reasons to shop with us, we will let you pick the best of watches in no time!

Don’t let your luxury watch collect dust in a drawer. Allow us to give it a new home and a new lease on life.

Selling your luxury watch to us not only provides you with the opportunity to free up some cash, but it also allows another watch enthusiast to appreciate and enjoy the watch as much as you once did. We ensure a fair and transparent process and offer competitive prices for your timepiece.

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We care about our customers more than anything else. To make sure that you pick nothing but the best of what these internationally reputed brands has to offer, we have handpicked a perfect collection for you. Mio Watches & Jewelry represent the highest of standards that would never cease to disappoint you. We have hosted premium watches from various brands like Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, etc. Watches of different kinds including chronographs and antique watches are available with us.

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Chen Guo
Always nice to dealing with Russ amazing guy! If you looking for your next watch here is your destination!
Mike Golsaz
mike golsaz
Purchased a Rolex 31mm lady’s Datejust for my niece. Mio Jewelers was recommended by a family member. Their staff is and was absolutely stunning in helping me to find a watch on super short notice. Will def buy more pieces! Prices are incredible.
Warren Morris
Warren Morris
Great experience and watch is home safe/sound. Never met Russ before and obviously a little nervous making such a large transaction. He helped get me through the process and shipped the watch the same day. Got it the following morning! Everything worked out as promised.
I was looking for a specific Rolex when I came across it in a forum post Russ made on rolexforums. I quickly reached out and finalized a trade-in with him. He ensured the trade went as smoothly as it could and the watch was shipped quickly with the utmost care. Do not hesitate to do business with Russ at Mio Jewelry and Watches, he is one of the best out there.
Dominic Kastrinakis
Dominic Kastrinakis
Absolutely seamless experience with Russ. Dealing with moonswatches. Fantastic to deal with, always an honest operator. 10/10 would recommend!!!
Russ helped me acquire a Cartier Tank in a rush-order fashion for my wife—I reached out to him on a Monday, and he had the Tank delivered Thursday of the same week, all the way from NYC to the northwest USA. All I can say is, wow! His professionalism and ability to deliver on customer requests is unparalleled in my experience, and I have done business with a good number of jewelers/sellers in the past. Russ stands out in a very good way. Without reservation, I highly recommend Mio Watches and Jewelry, and I will absolutely be coming back for more once I’m financially prepared to continue forward with my watch-collecting addiction. ;) Thank you Russ and Mio Watches!!
I collect Swiss watches avidly but I've never bought a watch from anyone other than an AD. I was really nervous about it but Russ had what I wanted at a very good price. He was very patient, took time to explain how the secondary market works and made me very comfortable. He was very responsive before, during and after the purchase and delivered on 100% of what he said he would do. I know the brand of watch I bought very well, so I know what I bought was exactly as advertised, I saved a ton of money and am now talking to Russ about another watch one week later. If you want a watch you either can't get or want to pay less than MSRP, go here!
Iswara Gozali
Iswara Gozali
Russ is amazing! First I was offered a preowned watch with a very agreeable price, but then he actually told me he was able to give me a new watch instead, at the same price! And he did deliver on that promise! He was patient with all my questions, wire transfer took a few days but he was very patient. Shipping was smooth as well. Russ, you've gotten yourself a customer for life!
Bob Balaban
Bob Balaban
Terrific experience with Russ. He was patient with my product questions and also with my concerns about completing a large transaction over the internet. Great service. Incredibly fast response. Amazing packing job. Everything exactly as described and promised.
Eric Edelstein
Eric Edelstein
Fantastic experience with Russ. Responded to all my questions via text. Picked up my call when I called. Communicated throughout the transaction including when there was a delay with fedex. Followed up to make sure I loved my order.